Amick Law Firm LLC: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Question:  How long will it take to conclude my case?

Answer:  There is no hard and fast answer to how long your case will take to conclude.  If you case settles without protracted litigation, it might be concluded in several months.  We cannot settle you case until you are done treating for your injuries.  Many cases don’t settle until right before trial.  Complicated and document intensive cases take longer.  Some courts in very busy jurisdictions are not able to provide a trial date for over a year after the case is filed.  We will be able to better inform you about how long you case may take to conclude after we collect your medical records and bills.

Question:  Does the Amick Law Firm LLC handle any cases on behalf of insurance companies or businesses?

Answer:  No.  Our firm exclusively handles serious personal injury and wrongful death cases.  Approximately fifteen years ago attorney Brian J. Amick handles cases for insurance companies and businesses.  He knows how the insurance companies think and operate.  He uses this to  experience to his advantage when litigating your case.